Our company

Graphite is a leading UK mid-market private equity firm with an exceptional record of generating strong returns over many economic cycles.

We are an independent partnership with a highly stable and experienced team. Since the early 1990s, we have backed management teams in more than 100 companies across a wide range of sectors, delivering strong returns for our investors through all stages of the economic cycle. Our ability to work closely with talented managers to develop and grow our portfolio companies is central to this success.

We have consistently remained committed to the mid-market, focusing on companies valued at between £30 million and £150 million. We believe companies of this size offer the highest potential returns, as they are small enough to grow fast but have sufficient scale to employ high-quality management teams and generate diversified revenues. We also believe we can add the most value to these businesses through our experience, skills, contacts and our understanding of what they need to develop. We regularly adapt and refine our assessment of what makes a successful investment, reflecting the impact of changes in technology, consumer preferences, government policy and economic cycles.

We have backed over


businesses across a wide range of sectors

Some of our success stories